Use various modes of antivirus scanning to keep viruses away

Having a reliable computer security is paramount if you want to safeguard your installed programs and data from unauthorized access. On top of the basic security like password restrictions and limited user accounts that denies unauthorized entry of individuals to your hard drive, you also need an up to date antivirus that has strong antimalware and antispyware capabilities. This is because viruses are the single biggest threat to computers because of the deleterious effects that they produce when they get into a computer hard drive. When viruses infect your computer, you risk loosing important programs, your private data and lowering your computer speed that you will no longer be able to run your favorite programs.

Therefore, in order to protect your computer from these malicious viruses such as conficker worm, you need install and use an up to date antivirus program. It is this program that you are going to use to scan your entire hard disk for worms, Trojans and viruses. During scanning the antivirus should isolate, quarantine and delete the viruses and thereafter repair any errors that has been caused to the operating system by the viruses. A good antivirus program should have inbuilt utilities for updating manually and automatically to keep up with new virus profiles that are in your system. Despite most antivirus programs being designed for removal of malware, they are also able to detect the viruses and delete them before they establish in your hard drive.

The moment you get an antivirus installed in your computer, that will be the first step of protection. However after installing it in your drive, you need to maximize its potential so as to get optimal protection from its features. Conducting regular scanning is one way of minimizing the spread of computer viruses. This you achieve with an on-demand scanner which you need to prompt manually in order to commence scanning. This is ideal for full hard drive scans which should include smart file extensions as well as hidden folders. The on demand scanner is also programmable where it can be scheduled to scan at different periods of time without being prompted by the user.

Scanning your computer which should be a regular exercise can also be automated through an on access scanner. This mode of scanning operates in the background and targets various forms of computer viruses like Trojans, worms and spywares. A bad malware that can be removed this way is alureon h. it is a fake antivirus with virulent capabilities that can eat up your programs as well as disabling your antivirus software. The on access scanner also monitors all your system activity and will automatically scan files from the internet or email for any malicious software. In the end having a good antivirus and using it well contributes a great deal to protecting your computer.

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