Tips on how to prevent computer virus attacks

Protecting your computer should be a priority considering the myriad threats that have the potential to affect it. Computer viruses, particularly the worms are designed to infect your computer and replicate themselves to proportions that stall a majority of your computer programs. Despite the threats that computer viruses pose, there are simple steps that you can use to prevent them from attaching themselves to your computer instead of removing them once they have established. The first thing to do is to install an antivirus software program in your computer.  This you can purchase at various computer shops or directly on the security software company website. Once you purchase it, the Installation process should be straight forward. Alternatively you can use free versions which are equally effective only lacking on spyware capabilities.

The second step towards keeping your computer free from viruses is to limit user privileges on your computer and the use of strong passwords. Restricting administrator rights will go along way in preventing viruses from establishing themselves into your system as well as deny them opportunities to make modifications on various programs.  Using strong passwords also deny hackers opportunity to manipulate your system. Hackers usually attempt to guess your passwords which they can then use to steal information and data from your hard drive. To prevent this you need to use passwords which are more than eight letters and combine them with digits and symbols.

You also need to exercise some caution when opening suspicious files and attachments from your mail. A good antivirus will automatically scan such folders before you open them. If this utility doesn’t exist in your security software, then you will have to do it manually to be on the safe side. On the same breadth with scanning attachments and new folders, downloading pirated software and material also exposes you to various malware like alureon h. spy and con artists use these shared files to insert malware that are downloaded alongside the programs. You should also ensure that the firewall program is always on. This utility is normally inbuilt in the operating system and also functions to keep away fraudulent activities from internet spies and hackers. it is the first line of defense that your computer will always remind you when its switched off.

Lastly an important process towards prevention of viruses is keeping your security software plus others such as the browser up to date. This you can achieve by conducting regular updates which are free as long as you have licensed software. It is through these updates that you get important security patch ups that are in keeping with virus database updates. In addition, the security updates for your web browser will also be pivotal towards protecting you against rogue websites that are run by internet hackers. A reliable web browser should be able to detect and warn you against opening such websites.

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