Tips on how to be safe when using your computer

Ever since computer viruses were invented, they have caused millions worth of damage by directly attacking installed programs as well as operating systems. Conficker worm especially targets antivirus programs that are installed in the computer system. This in turn leads to loss of important programs that cost a lot of money as well as downtime that is spent on removing and restoring the computer. It is for these reasons that basic computer security should be applied to help one to stay safe from both internet spyware as well as worms that are shared through external drives.

In most cases a majority of viruses are spread through external drives such as thumb drives and external hard disks. These can carry viruses that replicate and damage a computer system. This therefore demands that before you use an external drive on your computer, you must scan it fully by a resident antivirus to delete any malware that may be in it. This will eliminate most worms that are known to infect by jumping on external drives. Another way of being safe is to activate your computer firewall. These can take two approaches: hardware and software firewalls. Hardware firewalls are very effective especially if you know specific websites that are malicious. All you need to do is to insert their IP addresses in the blacklisted sites and thereafter their content can no longer pass through. The software firewall on the other hand is the most common and is inbuilt in your operating system. It’s an effective way of keeping away spy and scam artists away. It automatically blocks all the fraudulent websites and any potential malicious activity. The software firewall however is not an antivirus even though it’s very active at dealing with spyware activity. All you need to do is to activate the component and it will give the reliable protection.

Lastly, just like any other disease prevention, do not wait to cure when attacked. It is In this regard that you will need to update your security software on a regular basis to be at par with new virus databases. This is a free process that will not require you to pay any money. You should also conduct full system scans regularly preferably on a weekly basis. Incase you are using a free antivirus; you can take advantage of offers and upgrade it to a higher version that has more security features. Last but not least, despite the preventive mechanisms that are employed, it is also important to react fast and delete any potential threat in your computer incase it’s infected. Just like owning a car you will need to know your computer well and how it operates. It is for this reason that you need to enlighten yourself by reading on the internet and from reliable security reviews on how to remove viruses if they attack your system.

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