Symptoms of a computer that is infected by virus

In case your computer gets infected by a virus; you will need to take quick steps to remove it so that it doesn’t spread and cause more damage. Symptoms of a computer that has been infected by a virus are many. Some of them include: one, slowing down of the system to a snail pace performance. This one you can notice when programs are taking longer than usual to open or occasionally hanging during use. Secondly, presence of suspicious files and folders that exist in the root drive or in important system files are also good indicators. Seeing these however need a keen eye because important system files may be confused with viruses especially the boot files.

Disabling of important utility functions like system restore, operating in safe mode and task manager options are also clear indications of conficker worm infections. It operates by terminating all the pathways that can give room for a restoration.  Slowing down internet speeds are also pointers towards virus infections. This happens because spy artists are constantly sending and receiving information through your network. This back and forth information flow competes with your normal bandwidth thereby squeezing it and slowing it down. Incase you notice such you need to run antispyware software to counter the hackers activities.

Advanced levels of infection especially by conficker worm are deleterious as it totally disables the antivirus program. Any attempt to launch the antivirus program fails. It further hinders any form of update that is to be conducted on the security software program. It achieves this by blocking some DNS addresses that are associated with the updating websites.  Worse scenarios involve the total elimination of the security software where it’s no longer able to launch. This is one of the clearest signs of virus infection and very acute. Failure to respond to this threat can lead to total reformatting of the hard disk.

In the end, whenever you realize any of these conditions on your computer, then you need to react fast and restore your system back to its reliable form. Foremost you need to conduct a full computer scan targeting all the drives both internal and external. You should also ensure that you conduct a smart scan as well as full file extension scan to target various hidden folders. To augment your scan you can download free malware removers that specifically target root kits that may not be seen by your normal antivirus. Incase the security software has been disabled and related restore utilities, and then you will need to use a rescue program that is provided by your security software. It is usually available as a boot disk ROM. Incase it is absent, you can download it from the internet together with instructions on how to use it.

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