What is Alureon.h?

Alureon.h belongs to a family of Trojan horses or viruses that can find their way onto a user’s computer by appearing to be practical or useful software to users. This malware is a fairly serious infection that aims to generate income for a third party, it’s controllers.  Alureon is well known for redirecting users to different web pages and search engine results. In fact, it is so well-known for interfering with a user’s ability to do a normal search on Google, that some people actually call it the “Google Redirect Virus”. TDL3, TDSS, as well as Win32/Alureon.H are all part of the same Alureon family of viruses.

If you are having trouble doing a regular search on Google, you may be suspecting an Alureon virus as the culprit behind your woes. This is called search hijacking. Basically, if you do a search and you end up with remarkably  undesirable results that don’t really make sense to you, you may suspect that a virus like Alureon is causing your problems. The Alureon viruses take control of the users search engine results in order to benefit the third party controllers. It is as though you really don’t have control over your computer’s behavior online. Things like search hijacking, browser hijacking, and alterations to the Domain Name System settings are all common symptoms associated with Alureon.h as well as the other members of this family of infectious software.

As with all malware, Alureon viruses all attempt to make use of your computer in a way that benefits them. The Alureon viruses can download and execute arbitrary files and other additional forms of malware to your computer, amping up the seriousness of an infection of this nature. You may note that there are ads on your computer, gumming up your system’s processes. Rogue security software may even be installed on your system to cause you additional confusion. Don’t get bamboozled by these various problems. If you haven’t installed some kind of security software on your computer and then your computer suddenly manifests evidence of a security program running that you do not recognize, you should always suspect rogue security software. Of course, this is indicative of a problem. In this case, the presence of rogue security software on your computer up against search engine hijacking should alert you to the possibility that your computer is infected with Alureon.h.

Alureon viruses are not necessarily easy to remove. This virus uses some stealthy and advanced techniques in order to remain undetected. Indeed, it can be difficult to remove Alureon viruses in totality because its various components can remain hidden. It’s important that you work through the process of removing the Alureon.h virus with care and reset your DNS after the Trojan is removed because these may have been changed during the course of the infection.

If you believe that your computer is infected with one of the Alureon viruses, then you need to act fast and find out how to remove it from your computer. It’s important to be thorough in your removal efforts and make sure that your computer’s settings go back to normal following removal for best results.

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